Death Kiss Volume 2 Collects Some Of Boston’s Best Bands For One Helluva Heavy Compilation

So you get a bunch of local outfits, give them two hours to record a track and see what you get. Sounds like the next greatest installment of an MTV Real World-type show, right? Wrong! This is how the latest volume of Deathkiss came to fruition over at the now defunct EMF building. [Read more…]

Singles! blindspot, “All I Am”



It takes a special kind of band to bring “Singles!” out of mothballs and even more special when said band isn’t Misery Loves Co. (Who have been the focus of the last two of these posts) That “special kind of band” in this case is Boston’s own blindspot who just released new single “All I Am”, with a new video to boot. [Read more…]

Psychic Dog Encompass Rawk And/Or Roll Exquisitely On Lunch Went Well

Bands like Psychic Dog make me continually proud that the Boston music scene is STILL as awesome and vibrant as it is. Forget your Dropkick Murphy’s and your Mighty Mighty Bosstones and even your Standells! If you’re searching for a “sound” that realy captures the sounds of a town then we implore you to check out Lunch Went Well which is out now. [Read more…]

Summoner Go Beyond the Realm of Light On Latest Masterpiece

How hard do Summoner rawk, you ask? Well, let’s look at the evidence we have currently: Phoenix was undeniably legendary and sophomore outing Atlantian was equally epic. If you’re keeping score, Summoner’s two for two with their recorded works right now and soon to be three for three. That’s right because Beyond the Realm of Light (Out on May 12th through Magnetic Eye Records) impressively holds up to the Summoner standard and could be the definitive album from these Boston rawkers. [Read more…]