INTRCPTR Goes For Short, Sweet, and Heavy On I

Yearning for the next slab of Pelican amazingness to drop? Well, you still have to wait but in the meantime, INTRCPTR is the cure for what ails ya! AND this duo happens to feature Pelican’s own Larry Herweg on drums so there’s that at least. [Read more…]

Wailin Storms Puts One Foot In The Flesh Grave, One Foot In The Halls Of Rawk Greatness On Latest Album


“Think the Murder City Devils… but if they actually murdered people under possession by the god-damned devil.”

That’s a quote from the Bandcamp page for upcoming album One Foot In The Flesh Grave and about as simple as it gets if you need a description for the “Wailin Storms sound”. Throw in a hearty helping of early Danzig and Misfits and you have your very own musical Frankenstein’s Monster here. [Read more…]

Sweet Cobra Unleash Earth On July 17th (Album Review)

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Chicago’s Sweet Cobra combine killer ballsy riffs with heartfelt vox to make Earth, their latest album, a unique listening experience that is easily one of the heavy highlights of 2015. [Read more…]

Wormwood debut embraces the doom as it rides further into darkness

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Maybe I’ve just been watching too much of Noisey’s recent documentary on the NOLA music scene lately but the debut opus from MA natives Wormwood shares a lot of its DNA from the greats of down south than any of the bands the Wormwood members have been previously or currently associated with. A more straightforward Eyehategod in spots, Kylesa in others, this offshoot of an offshoot absolutely rips from start to finish. [Read more…]