Wear Your Wounds: A Track By Track By Track By Track By Track Review Of Rust on the Gates of Heaven

Not a hoax! Not a ploy! Not a gimmick! Sort of! Regardless, you read that right! What we have for you today is a five track review of the upcoming Wear Your Wounds album because a) We wanted to get something out before it drops on Friday through Deathwish Inc b) You don’t need to read about us waxing poetic on this entire beautiful beast and c) Frankly, we thought it was a neat idea.

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Jacob Bannon Goes Solo With Wear Your Wounds (Album Review)

Take “Grim Heart/Black Rose” off of Converge’s No Heroes, expand it even more and structure an entire album out of it and you’ll have a small inkling of what Wear Your Wounds brings to the table. That’s, of course, oversimplifying the latest project from Jacob Bannon because just like the aforementioned song, WYW is a whole other musical journey unto itself. [Read more…]