Yob Brings Soulful And Savage Sounds On Our Raw Heart

This is a site where, if I don’t like it, chances are it ain’t getting reviewed. Mostly because I don’t have the time to waste on stuff that doesn’t interest me and, quite frankly, writing about stuff that I don’t like is a whole lot of negative energy that I don’t need to dispel into the world.

Which brings us to now and stuff I like. [Read more…]

Will Haven Deliver Best (And Hopefully Not Last?) Album To Date With Muerte

Sometimes to get a really accurate/real time feel for an album I’ll type notes in the drafts here as I’m listening through a record for the first time. Then there are other times where I’ll be so transfixed by what’s coming out of my speakers that I just can’t type anything. Sometimes in awe. Sometimes because of fear. A new Will Haven album usually takes up a healthy amount of both within my psyche because, on the one hand, the music they put forth is usually so spot on. So perfect. But on the other hand there’s the fear that whatever I type here won’t be able to properly convey how truly amazing the music Will Haven lay down is. [Read more…]