Dee Snider Does It For The Love Of Metal On Jamey Jasta-Produced Heavy Hitter

Dee Snider is a living legend. We can all agree on that, right? So when said living legend is challenged to make a modern Heavy Metal album by one of today’s current icons then it’s a given that our ears perk up. Luckily, the results with that current icon hit hard and play out as a relevant piece of modern metal aptly titled For The Love Of Metal. [Read more…]

Monster Magnet Return With Bombastic Mindfucker

There has never been a Monster Magnet album that has sounded more like a Monster Magnet album than Mindfucker. The riffs! The name! The feel! Everything on Mindfucker just screams “Monster Magnet” as the New Jersey outfit deliver an eleventh album that’s their best and most consistent record in over a decade. [Read more…]

Nachtblut Put Their Own Spin On Modern German Industrial With Apostasie

It’s bands like Nachtblut that make me wish I’d have taken the plunge and learned German after discovering Rammstein in the mid-’90’s. That’s not to say listening to Apostasie, the fifth album from these Black/Industrial metalheads, is less fantastic. Quite the opposite, actually, as now listeners can just sit back and let the Nachtblut metal be a cathartic headbanging release. [Read more…]

Cavalera Conspiracy Devolve Into Old School Post-Thrash On Psychosis

Each subsequent Cavalera Conspiracy record since 2008’s Inflikted has been like this experimentation in regression with the releases harnessing a new school thrash vibe akin to the one Sepultura helped pioneer back in the late ’80’s/early 90’s blanketed by modern technology. [Read more…]

Monster Magnet Re-Issue Two Classics For The First Time On Vinyl

Man, reviewing reissues is tough because you know these things have already been reviewed before. Do you talk about the technical specs, the new sound quality, any bonus tracks? Or do you just cut the BS and talk about the music? [Read more…]

Life Of Agony Find A Perfect Balance Between The New And The Old On A Place Where There’s No More Pain

Hands down the best Life Of Agony record from start to finish since their iconic debut, A Place Where There’s No More Pain is the definitive 21st Century LOA album. [Read more…]

John Garcia Updates Some Classics, Introduces Some New Acoustic Jams On The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues

Some say he’s a living legend and an icon but whatever you refer to him as, it’s undeniable that his distinct voice has fronted countless equally distinct bands including Unida, Hermano, Kyuss, Slo Burn, and Vista Chino who’ve laid the foundation of what we refer to as Desert Rawk. Now he’s back with a record unlike anything fans have ever heard. [Read more…]

17 for ’17: The Rock and Roll Fables Guide To The Best Releases Of The New Year


Whew! Glad the 2016 retrospective is finally over. Now we can get to some reviewin’ and interviewin’ and stuff….wait, we’re doing a 2017 preview, too? UGH! WHY????? Then I guess without further adieu, the top 17 albums that may or may not surface in ’17: [Read more…]

Devildriver’s Trust No One Is Their Best Yet (Album Review)


I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that metal fans either love or hate Devildriver. There just doesn’t seem to be a middle ground. There are those that never thought they were a “legit” band to begin with because of front man Dez Fafara’s beginnings in nu-metal while others seemed to wholly embrace the band from their onset (And more scary for us older fans are those that got into Devildriver without even knowing who Coal Chamber is!) [Read more…]