Mr. Kitty Pens Tribute To Late Friend On Double Album Ephemeral

You’re not alone: 1-800-273-8255

“I was lost/You were there to find me/When I joked/You were there to laugh/I was sad/You could make me happy/As I broke/You could put me back/You were lost/I couldn’t find you/Couldn’t laugh when I needed light/Didn’t know you were this unhappy/When you broke/What could I do”

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Goo Munday Reinvigorates Electro On Fabulous 9 Lives

Goo Munday, where have you been all my life? We allude to missing out on a lot of artists in these pages because there’s a lot out there to consume. And if your tastes are as varied as ours then it’s even more overwhelming at times so you’ve got to know where to look or who to trust. Like a label that consistently puts out killer releases, perhaps? Someone responsible for consistent Electro bangers like Negative Gain Productions maybe? Hells yes! Already giving us all the heart eyes because of recent releases from Kanga and Strvngers, NGP has a slew of awesomesauce lately including the just released Standalone release, Mr. Kitty’s next opus (A double album!), and Goo Munday, the focus of this post.

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Strvngers Dig Out Gothic Classics, Remix Their Own Classics On Exhumed Vol 2

Already gunning for our Top 5 of 2018, Strvngers make an even stronger case for their inclusion with their new “EP”, Exhumed Vol 2. And you didn’t read wrong, those quotes are NOT a typo. We only add them because of the sheer length of this release which includes five covers, five remixes, and a previously unreleased tune. Yeah, it’s big. [Read more…]

Strvngers Create The Perfect Night Out To Remember At Your Favorite Goth Haunt On Amor/Noir

What an amazing slab of electro awesomeness is Amor/Noir by Strvngers! If you’re looking for an introduction, or more accurately, a lesson in how you do Electro/Darkwave right then Amor/Noir is the album you need to own yesterday! Or at least on April 20th when it’s actually out to the masses. [Read more…]

Mr. Kitty Enters A New World Of Diversity And Awesomeness On A.I.

Any year that yields new material from electro-genius Mr. Kitty is a good year for music fans in general. Whether it’s an LP or a new EP/single, new Mr. Kitty generally brings warmth and fuzziness to earholes. That said,  it looks like 2017 will be doing just that as we focus on the former in the form of A.I. [Read more…]

Mr. Kitty Unveils Fragments, August Release Slated With IAMX Tour To Follow In October


You know how some artists just make you cry because their output is so great? That’s Mr. Kitty in a nutshell. And if you don’t know the feeling then “Hell” off of Mr. Kitty’s latest will give you an idea of what I’m talking about. Think hairs on the back of your neck forever standing up/perpetual goosebumps territory. [Read more…]