Neurosis Deliver Fierce Eleventh Opus, Fires Within Fires


It’s hard to imagine that this magnificent opus was created in less time then it supposedly took the almighty father/mother to create humanity. Does that make Steve Albini greater than God? Unclear. BUT! Listen to what he’s produced either behind the boards or as a musician and tell me you don’t know what the answer to that question already is. [Read more…]

Corrections House Personify “Aggrotech” On Latest Album, Know How To Carry A Whip


Scott Kelly. Mike IX Williams. Sanford Parker. Bruce Lamont. All underground legends. All here for your aural pleasure once again as Corrections House. And on their sophomore outing these legends go bigger, badder, bolder, and bleaker. Know How To Carry A Whip is not so much the sound of the apocalypse as it is the aftermath. Think Hardware not Mad Max. [Read more…]

Untitled Metal Column: Volume 11 (Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth, Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth

PromoImage (58)

Hot damn! Are you looking for some doom and gloom to kickstart your 2015? Do you long for the days of Seattle grunge, especially the heavy underbelly? And more importantly, do you miss Tad Doyle? If you answered “Heck yes!” to any of those questions then you are in luck because Brothers Of The Sonic Cloth gives you all that and more. [Read more…]