PIG Continues Comeback Ascent On Illuminating Risen

If you’ve been with <PIG> since the beginning then the natural progression of this awesome Electro/Industrial/Glam project has been the absolute best rollercoaster to ride on, especially with the recent second coming phase. However, if The Gospel and subsequent current outings haven’t been your cuppa then my best advice is that you’d best scurry back to the fold and beg for forgiveness because all you non-believers are about ready to bear witness to a more even keeled, well-rounded, and fine tuned incarnation of <PIG>. [Read more…]

Filter Expand The Fold On Epic Crazy Eyes (Album Review)


Filter has always been an important band to me. Imagine if you will a world without the interwebs, where you can’t immediately identify a song from a new band you never heard of in a microsecond. [Read more…]