Singles! Misery Loves Co., “Way Back Home”

To preface this review, I just finished listening to the new Cave In record featuring the last performances of Caleb Scofield and purposely saved this new one from Misery Loves Co. as a point of emotional re-entry

And I’m glad I did.

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Beatbuzz Records Presents Actual Physical Proof That Misery Loves Co. Is Back With New AA Side Limited 7″ Vinyl Release

You know what a bucket list band is, right? That band that you just NEED to see before you kick it. The discussion came up recently and while there are some that are definitely unattainable (Oingo Boingo, original Alice In Chains, Wall Of Voodoo), others might just happen (AC/DC) while in other cases it’s all about location, location, location (Will Haven sticking to the West Coast primarily, Earthtone9 sporadically playing Europe only).

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Singles! Misery Loves Co., “Suburban Breakdown”

The last time our Singles! column was resurrected was because of Misery Loves Co. so it’s fitting that they’re the reason for a new piece under that header. But you read that right: Misery Loves Co., the Swedish Industrial juggernauts, has risen from the ashes of the aughts like a phoenix first with single “Would You?” (Released back in June, read our take here) and now with “Suburban Breakdown”. [Read more…]