Primitive Race Remember Chuck Mosley, Offer Exquisite Electro Tribute With Cranial Matter

I’m not going to start this review off with my typical “Remix albums are a mixed bag” rant because Chris Kniker, the mastermind behind Primitive Race is a pro when it comes to these things. The man is also a pro when it comes to subverting expectations relating to the recorded output of this particular outfit. The debut from PR was shrouded in mystery before revealing a veritable melting pot of Industrial luminaries and iconic guests while the follow-up, 2017’s Soul Pretender, went a completely different route with more of a band structure showcasing the talents of the late, great Chuck Mosley.

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Primitive Race Live Up To The Hype On Self-Titled Debut


If you’re like me, you’ve waited for this for a long time. You followed the teases, the slow reveals, heard the snippets, ordered the shirts…everything! Well now my friends, the wait is finally over. But after all the hype, all the teases, all the build up…is Primitive Race, the album, ultimately worth the wait? If you’re into fan-fucking-tatsic electronic/industrial music then the answer is a definitive and resounding “Yes!!!!” [Read more…]

Pig Returns! Primitive Race Rises! Long In The Tooth EP Set For June Release!

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After all the hype and all the build up, being able to FINALLY talk about a “proper” release from Primitive Race is an amazing thing. Mastermind Chris Kniker has concocted this masterpiece of an EP that’s old school industrial yet firmly planted in today. Long In The Tooth is the name of the EP and the title track and it is ten tracks of perfectly executed electronic madness serenely sung by the one and only Raymond Watts. [Read more…]