Ravioli Me Away release The Inevitable Album!


Like Devo fronted by Kathleen Hanna, Ravioli Me Away brings something different to the music table. This post-punk trio are about to make waves on their debut, The Inevitable Album, with a sound that is so out there it’ll make even the naysayers perk up and pay attention.

“Good Team Player” is as good an introduction as any into the world of Ravioli Me Away with synth horns and steady beats. Lead single “Cat Call” is just as strange as the video that accompanies it with a strong message (Don’t be an asshole when ladies are walking down the street, fellas!). “One Kiss” has a ’50’s feel to it as does “Romance Amnesia” with shared vocals, one spoken word and one providing the melody, and a simple yet effective snare and bass line.

That’s one of the great things about Ravioli Me Away, though, is that the concept is so basic (Bass, drums, keys) but the layers that Sian Dorrer, Rosie Ridgeway, and Alice Theobald bring to each song catapults The Inevitable Album above the rest.

Other highlights include “Estrogen” (Pronounced “eeeeee-stroh-gen” here) with  its funkified bass that continues into the spoken wordiness of “Imagination” which synths up the proceedings while later “Euro Breakdown” makes a bid for “Best instrumental score from a Miami Vice montage scene”.

The Inevitable Album is out on August 18th through Good Job Records. Head on over to Raviolimeaway.co.uk and their Facebook page for the deets!


What’s In A Name? Ravioli Me Away premiere video for “Cat Call”!


To really experience Ravioli Me Away you need to ignore whatever it is I’m blathering on about right now and click on the video for “Cat Call” now.

Has it been three and a half minutes yet? Were you sucked in by the “choreography”? The video’s insane, right? But special. It’s oh so very special and fits with the song perfectly I must say.

The band is Ravioli Me Away and this London-based trio is looking to start some trouble in the music world with the release of their full-length, The Inevitable Release, in August. If it’s anything like “Cat Call”, an empowering anthem on sexism, then it’s bound to be worth a listen or two or three.

The Inevitable Album is out on August 18th through Good Job Records.  You can watch “Cat Call” below.