Pinkish Black Push Prog Boundaries With Synthetic Apocalyptical Sounds Of Concept Unification

Damn, this is some dense shit right here. Fresh off the Enthroned review we recently published comes a similarly despondent work of metallic art from a different spectrum of the music world. We’re of course, talking about Pinkish Black and their fourth opus, Concept Unification, which is an elaborate six track beast pushing the boundaries of Prog.

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ASG Return With Bold, Beautiful Survive Sunrise

Another throwback to my Popblerd! writing days! I knew it had been some time since ASG had released some new stuff but surely something had come out that I missed in the interim of my writing there and here, right? Nope! It’s been five years since that last album (For a flashback to that review, head here) and ASG has returned with this blistering, burgeoning, beautiful beast of a new album. [Read more…]

Yob Brings Soulful And Savage Sounds On Our Raw Heart

This is a site where, if I don’t like it, chances are it ain’t getting reviewed. Mostly because I don’t have the time to waste on stuff that doesn’t interest me and, quite frankly, writing about stuff that I don’t like is a whole lot of negative energy that I don’t need to dispel into the world.

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The Obsessed Return, Doom Metal Once Again Bows To Wino On Sacred

I’ll admit it. I was never into The Obsessed. And considering the bands that shaped my musical identity (Kyuss, in particular), it’s a pretty obvious oversight on my part that I never indulged in the sweet ear nectar that Scott “Wino” Weinrich and company were producing. But here we are, 30+ years after their formation and 13 years since their last studio opus and redemption on my part is at hand. [Read more…]

Rock and Roll Fables Top 15 of ’15 (Finally!)


You know what? I’ve been completely overthinking this thing. It’s just a list, right? Fifteen of my most favorite albums of 2015. No problem! How hard can it be? Well, let’s see. I started the draft on December 1st and it’s what? 2016 already?!?!? Okay, okay, okay! Here goes nothin’ (And no particular order, kind of). Reviews are linked in where applicable: [Read more…]

Torche Get Even More Massive For Relapse Records Debut

unnamed (11)

I could honestly write this entire review based on the massive title track which closes out Torche’s fourth full-length, the appropriately titled Restarter. The song itself wraps every single miniscule little bit of what makes this album great and amplifies it in spades. It’s heavy, it’s droning, it’s consistent, it’s a veritable beast! Much like the rest of Restarter. [Read more…]