Aesthetic Perfection Embrace Patreon, Dive Into The Black On Newest Electronic Masterpiece

My Aesthetic Perfection education is pretty ass backwards. I was introduced to them when the Cabaret album was unleashed (Our review of Imperfect is here), covered the most recent EP (Which you can read here) and THEN was introduced to A Violent Emotion through a Spotify playlist within the last couple of months. In conclusion, my frame of reference for Aesthetic Perfection is everywhere!

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Emigrate’s A Million Degrees Is The Last Album In 2018 You Absolutely Need To Pay Attention To

Holding off on finishing my year end list has proved fortuitous but fortunate especially when considering a new outing from Rammstein guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe’s Emigrate project imminently awaits release. The album in question, A Million Degrees (Emigrate’s third), is a late year surprise and will no doubt astound and appease restless Rammstein fans until that band returns with a new studio offering in 2019. [Read more…]

Emigrate Add New Friends And New Skills On Silent So Long


Silent So Long, the second album from Emigrate, is akin to Soulfly’s sophomore outing in that it’s chock filled with high-profile guests that could easily overpower the band underneath. Luckily the strength of Richard Z. Kruspe’s songwriting and track sequencing skills insures that on this album, Emigrate always shines through. [Read more…]