Doomstress Deliver Devilish Delight On Doom-Filled Debut Sleep Among the Dead

On first listen, Doomstress brings the feels of local Doom purveyors Second Grave (RIP but you can check out new offshoot Benthic Realm, featuring SG vocalist Krista Van Guilder, here) and modern Ghost. Meaning you get bravado alongside the Black Sabbath. Comparisons aside, Doomstress simply rawk.

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Psychlona Does Desert Rawk Proud All The Way From Northern England On Fierce Mojo Rising

2018 is the year where we make an obscene amount of references to Kyuss. Which is not a bad thing! It just means that bands are FINALLY catching up to what the progenitors of modern desert rawk were all about. Case in point is the UK’s  Psychlona who, despite a few similarities to the iconic Californian quartet, still stand on their own two feet with their latest offering Mojo Rising. [Read more…]

Gozu Delivers Rawk Excellence With Revival (Album Review)


When you think “Boston bands”, outfits like Aerosmith, Godsmack (Sorry!), The Cars, and The Mighty Mighty Bosstones usually come to mind. Stellar bands in their own right and should make any Masshole proud of the tunes coming out of the state. Me? I’m proudest when I think of bands like Cave In, Converge, and Isis. And even prouder over the past few years with bands like Motherboar, Summoner, Doomriders, and the focus of this column: Gozu. [Read more…]