forktie Release Debut EP Of Supercharged Rawk!

We’ve definitely mentioned two things in these pages before: 1) Surprise new music is the best new music and B) Hot damn are we proud of the local scene in the Boston area! This post covers both of those things as local outfit forktie follows their debut single from earlier in the year with the just dropped debut EP. [Read more…]

Lemmy-Inspired Electric Messiah Sees High On Fire Invigorated, Ready To Crush Skulls On The Road

An album that’s built around a dream that High On Fire founder Matt Pike had about Lemmy? Sign. Us. Up. But seriously, kids, even without the legend worship, a new High On Fire record is always cause to celebrate. Especially as the band enter their twentieth year with an album that’s every bit as vital and hungry as when they first emerged onto the heavy music scene. [Read more…]

Reckoner Channel Early Suicidal Tendencies, Converge, And Even Korn On Debut

It’s hard not to show pride when the Boston area keeps producing so many solid acts from a variety of genres. On the heavier spectrum, we’re looking at the debut from Reckoner who mesh Hardcore grooves and breakdowns with modern Metal to create the goods that’ll get you going. [Read more…]

Electric Six Starts Your Halloween Off Early With The Ghoulish Rawk Of Bride Of The Devil

Electric Six is to THE RAWK what AC/DC is to the hard rock genre meaning when you dive into a new E6 outing, you definitely know what to expect. And like any AC/DC album worth its’ weight, that ain’t a bad thing by any means.

But I digress [Read more…]

Behemoth Rocks On Decidedly More Metal I Loved You at Your Darkest

It’s beautifully serene at times. Terrifyingly brutal at others. Add an ominous air overall and you have the recipe for the most exhilarating Behemoth record yet! I Loved You at Your Darkest is also Behemoth’s most diverse collection of songs and easily the most accessible slab of Black Metal for wary fans of the genre or folks looking to find that perfect entry into the world of Behemoth. [Read more…]

Silvertomb debut “Insomnia”, Hit The Road With Life Of Agony

Without even hearing a note, the new project featuring former Type O Negative members Kenny Hickey and Johnny Kelly already had a spot on our “Most Anticipated Of 2018” list that we posted in January (Don’t believe us? Click here). [Read more…]

Chelsey and the Noise Bring Incomparable Electro Sounds On New EP Blank Frames

Avant Garde? Synthpop? Industrial? With a sound that combines the vocal flow of Lady Sovereign with the beats of Jimmy Urine, you already KNOW that Chelsey and the Noise is going to stand out as a musical entity so why does it need a label? We’re going with “Electro Hip-Hop” for the record.  [Read more…]

Armed For Apocalypse Return With Palm Reader EP, First New Music In Five Years Ahead Of New Full-Length In 2019

Are you ready for a little slab of monolithic riffs to fill the void before Armed For Apocalypse drop a full-length banger on y’all? Can only FOUR tracks really be enough new songs to tide a fan over?? These answers and more as you dive into the latest RNRF review (Spoiler alert: The answer to all these questions is “YES”) [Read more…]

The Clay People Return With Riveting Demon Hero (& other Extraordinary Phantasmagoric Anomalies & Fables)

Holy hell! When a band I’ve consistently liked over the years fades away then comes crashing back with, not only a solid record but, an album that easily makes it into our year end best list on the strength of their “comeback” then consider us one happy music fan.

But who are we talking about? [Read more…]

Welles Hits Cambridge This Weekend Supporting Dead Sara And New Record Red Trees and White Trashes

There’s something astoundingly familiar about Welles’ Red Trees and White Trashes. Like this delightful hybrid of Neutral Milk Hotel and Queens of the Stone Age, the kind of music found within is this truly great sonic journey that treks through Americana with a sort of fuzzed out folk complete with electric bluesy styles and big beats. [Read more…]