Youth Code Deliver Beyond Epic Sophomore Album With Commitment to Complications


In jumping back into the writing saddle this week and seeing Youth Code for the first time live since Eye Vs Spy recently, I realized I neglected to review their latest masterpiece (Which also happened to be on our “Top 16 for ’16” list). Here’s the reason: some records come out and I enjoy them so much that honestly, I forget to review them because whatever I type won’t do the product justice. [Read more…]

Youth Code Preview Upcoming Sophomore Outing With New Single “Anagnorisis”


Like most other blogs, sites, what have you…at the end of the year I compose a list of not only what was great about the year but also what I think is worth checking out in the next year. [Read more…]

Video View: Youth Code, “Consuming Guilt”


At some point there must’ve been a timewarp that brought back early Skinny Puppy into the present day or at the very least, Youth Code is some alternate universe version of SP. Regardless of what higher power brought this Los Angeles duo to industrial’s doorstep just be thankful that they’re here. They’re vicious, they’re danceable, and they have a message. The lead single off their latest EP, A Place To Stand, “Consuming Guilt” has all of those parts and more. [Read more…]