Lard Help Us All! PIG Offers Up Some Sweet Treats On Candy Coated Covers Record

The Lord of Lard is an unstoppable machine lately. Whether it’s new <PIG> classics, remixes or covers, Raymond Watts is beyond reinvigorated during this second coming of the swine. Which brings us to the latest helping of pork in the form of Candy, an epic new album filled with covers done in a way that only <PIG> can.

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PIG Meets Sasha Grey, Covers KC & the Sunshine Band. Because Why Not.

One day soon I hope to run across some newer <PIG> fans and, like a crotchety old man of 40, spew off lines like: “You kids have it so easy! Back in my day, Raymond Watts waited a decade between albums! And when he did release records it was only in Japan! Before Amazon! And the internets!” Seriously though, and unlike a crotchety old man of my age, I feel blessed to live in this wondrous time where Watts has rediscovered the fire and has re-emerged with a (seemingly) untapped well of new material. [Read more…]