Torche Conquer All With A Heavy Melody On Admission

Somewhere in the beginning of my review of Torche’s last behemoth (Which you can conveniently read here!), I mentioned something along the lines of wanting to write a review on the title track by itself because it was that good. Well, it seems that the quartet from Miami, Florida have topped themselves yet again and yet again I will refrain from writing a whole piece about how much of a killer track “Admission” is. Even though it’s that awesome. And is totally deserving of a separate post just to talk about that fact. But there are other awesome tracks within to discuss…

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Torche Get Even More Massive For Relapse Records Debut

unnamed (11)

I could honestly write this entire review based on the massive title track which closes out Torche’s fourth full-length, the appropriately titled Restarter. The song itself wraps every single miniscule little bit of what makes this album great and amplifies it in spades. It’s heavy, it’s droning, it’s consistent, it’s a veritable beast! Much like the rest of Restarter. [Read more…]