All Your Sisters Deliver Another Instant Gothic Masterpiece on Bleak Trust Ruins

We called All Your Sisters’ last record Uncomfortable Skin “an instant gothic masterpiece” (Read more here) and listening through their upcoming full-length, mastermind Jordan Morrison is doing little to dissuade that they’ve done it again. And might we add that, if possible, they’ve gone bleaker and gothier? Is that a term? Howzabout “none more goth” then?

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All Your Sisters Create An Instant Gothic Masterpiece With Uncomfortable Skin


What if you threw The Soft Moon, Joy Division, and Godflesh in a blender and set it to “liquefy”? The results might sound a little like All Your Sisters whose brand of synthetic goth rawk shines on their new full-length, Uncomfortable Skin. [Read more…]

Heat Dust’s Debut Delivers Modern Post-Punk To The Masses


The return of post-punk is a glorious thing. Whether Eagulls eponymous debut and Beastmilk’s Climax in 2014 or Coliseum’s recent headfirst dive into the genre with this year’s Anxiety’s Kiss, modern bands are proving that the genre is still alive and well in 2015. Then comes Heat Dust who not only carry that torch proudly but also prove the genre has some new tricks on their debut. [Read more…]

Black Wing, New Project From Giles Corey And Have A Nice Life Mastermind, Unleashes …Is Doomed


Where to begin? Dan Barrett is a musical genius! How about there? If you haven’t heard the sonic landscape Barrett has created under various monikers already (Have A Nice Life, Giles Corey) then consider Black Wing, his latest project, your wake up call. [Read more…]

Untitled Metal Column: Volume 7 (Mamaleek, He Never Said A Mumblin’ Word)

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Mamaleek bring four tracks of mechanical mayhem on He Never Said A Mumblin’ Word. A cacophony of sound wrapped in electronics and black metal, San Francisco’s Mamaleek bring the noise through experimentation and a taste for the apocalypse. Imagine, if you will, you’re watching the upcoming Mad Max movie. Our hero walks the desolate wasteland as chants accent the isolation he feels building into an electronic screamfest with syncopated drum beats and, dare I say, a chorus as the main credits roll and carnage ensues on screen. That’s track number two, “Poor Mourner’s Got A Home”, and it’s a good indication that the rest of HNSAMW is gonna be a bumpy ride.

If you lean towards the more avant-garde aspects of Old Man Gloom and wish Caleb Scofield would really let his freak flag fly then Mamleek is definitely for you. The instant the title track explodes from your speakers it’s as if you’re having a religious experience despite the noise rage at the forefront. “Almost Done Toiling Here” is even more of a cacophonous mess with distorted beats and guitars surrounded by echoed screams while “My Ship Is On The Ocean” hones the intensity in a confined space (Barely clocking in at four minutes even!).

Then it’s over, and you’ll be left wanting more. Just the way Mamaleek likes it.

He Never Said A Mumblin’ Word is out through The Flenser on July 22nd. Buy yours here.