Legend of The Seagullmen Is The Band You Didn’t Know You Needed In Your Life And Legend of the Seagullmen Is The Album You Didn’t Know You Needed To Own in 2018

Legend of The Segullmen is awesome. That’s it. That’s my whole review. Never mind the fact that the band is made up of an acclaimed director, a legendary drummer, a genre-defying guitarist and other rawk luminaries…this band just owns. [Read more…]

3Teeth Hit The Industrial Sweet Spot On Self-Titled Debut


Mix the militaristic tone of Rammstein’s finest work with the quirky insanity of Bile and you have the simple version of 3Teeth. But 3Teeth is anything but simple. Delve deeper and there are hints of Gary Numan’s later work (Scarred especially) and elements of the band that has graciously offered 3Teeth several opening opportunities recently (Rhymes with “Pool”). [Read more…]