Rock and Roll Fables Presents: Top 16 of ’16 (AKA: Why Do I Do This To Myself Every Year?)


It’s the most wonderful time of the year! A time of reflection, a time of remembrance, and a time of scrolling through my Itunes to see what was released, and most importantly, what got the most repeated listens in 2016. So here goes…somethin’: [Read more…]

Vanishing Life Deliver Supersized Album Befitting A Veritable Supergroup On Surveillance


If the current musical climate has got you down then Vanishing Life is here to give you hope that all is not lost. A veritable supergroup, Vanishing Life features current and former members of …And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead, Snot, Quicksand, Rise Against, and Bad Religion to name a few and if that impressive list doesn’t whet your appetite then what they bring to the big kids table of musical awesomeness surely will. [Read more…]