18 for ’18: An Exhaustive Look At All The Albums You Should’ve Already Heard In The Year 2018

It’s here! The moment you’ve all be waiting for! And instead of splitting it in half this year I decided to bombard you with one huge pile of word vomit featuring everything that got our goat in 2018. Enjoy! Because we definitely did (Links to reviews highlighted where applicable):

But first! [Read more…]

VOWWS Channel Wall Of Voodoo On Spaghetti Western Meets Electro Masterpiece Under the World

I’m always hesitant to type up a review after the release because once it’s out for mass consumption, what’dya need a reviewers opinion for? That said, it takes a special kind of album to compel us to write about it after the fact. VOWWS latest is that kind of an album. [Read more…]