Tetrarch Take The Freak Off The Leash On New Full-Length

Tetrarch at times sounds like that true middle ground between Adema and Korn but set in the year 2017. What is it with the nu-metal resurgence lately? Not that I’m complaining! It’s nostalgia but it’s not because we’re still not so far removed from that era at this point which makes it a fresh throwback?

But I digress!

Beginning with the killer title track, “Freak” launches listeners headfirst into the Tetrarch world with a brutal assault by Diamond Rowe’s heavy riffing and Josh Fore’s dynamic vocal range. And “Spit” is just this blistering shout out to a bygone time with this riffage that just slays and these militaristic beats provided by Ruben Limas.

“Pull The Trigger” is where it really comes together, though. Faster than anything of the nu-metal era…and wait! Clean vocals?? Could this be the next evolution of nu-metal? Is the second coming here??? Not quite but the song still fucking rules.

“Mary” slows it down but this groove-laden track still has plenty of intensity as listeners really get a chance to pick apart Fore’s diversity which shares some similarities with Threat Signal’s Jon Howard, Chester Bennington, and Jonathan Davis. Diverse is right! But it sounds so good and completely unique.

“Oddity” shreds indisputably with Rowe’s riffs going from eerie to unequivocally heavy in an instant as Fore brings the vocal beatdown amidst big choruses, kaiju-sized riffs and bombshell beats. Then the fabulous dirge that is “Torn Apart” enters (Is a ‘fabulous dirge’ even a thing?) to close out Freak in a spectacularly grand fashion with a whisper that turns to a scream.

Freak is out on September 29th through. Buy your own digital copy by clicking here or here. Tetrarch wrap up their tour with Cane Hill, 36 Crazyfists, and Devildriver on 9/22 but you can click here to see where you can catch them next.

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