Texas Hippie Coalition Return With Their Most Solid Collection Of Red Dirt Metal On High In The Saddle

Let’s get one thing straight: there has rarely been a time that Texas Hippie Coalition has not delivered the rawk and/or roll goods. On High In The Saddle, the Texan Titans’ sixth long player, that streak remains steady as they kick it up another notch with ten tracks of pure, unfiltered Red Dirt Metal done like only they can.

Ever since hearing “Pissed Off And Mad About It” back in the day, I’ve been enthralled by Texas Hippie Coalition’s walloping brand of rawk and honestly, as a fan of music in general, there’s something just harmonious knowing that the unbelievable musical force collectively known as THC is out there doing what they do.

“Moonshine” hits all the right buttons of what a lead song/single should sound like. It’s not too fast and not to slow as Cord Pool and Nevada Romo lay down these sick, dirty riffs bringing their down home sensibilities to the forefront and making listeners feel like they’re part of the family before going for the money shot on that huge, cool chorus.

“Dirty Finger” is an anthem that only THC could write as vocalist Big Dad Ritch leads this rollicking rawker driven by pummeling riffs, steadfast drumming and Rado Romo’s rumbling bass tones on what’s sure to be a new live favorite. Further in, “Bring It Baby” is all screams and percussive grooves from Devon Carothers while “Ride Or Die” changes speed and goes full on rawk ballad like “Home Sweet Home” meeting Hank Williams.

“Tongue Like A Devil” takes that Crue vibe even further (Think “Slice Of Your Pie”) but whereas MC only gave you a taste of the twang on that track, THC goes full on. Later, “Why Aren’t You Listening” is one of the most sonically awesome tracks THC has ever laid to tape with Big Dad Ritch bringing a gruff gravitas to his performance on this one.

Hell, they even have a song called “Stevie Nicks” paying tribute to the original witchy woman on High In The Saddle which overall, is easily one of Texas Hippie Coalition’s most solid full-lengths to date.

High In The Saddle is out through Entertainment One on May 31st. Pre-orders can get got by clicking here. For the latest on THC, including live dates, head on over here.

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