The Birdman Rallies “Dissolve Into The Black” on new single, Real River Full-Length Available Now


The best kind of music is the kind that is utterly incomparable and indescribable. One listen to “Dissolve Into The Black” by The Birdman Rallies and both those descriptions instantly ring true. The song begins like something out of a Michael Mann ’80’s noir flick and then picks up an island vibe only to evolve into something completely different once frontman Daniel Webster sings.

At times reminiscent of Chris Martin and Spoon’s Britt Daniel while displaying a range comparable to Thom Yorke and Peter Gabriel, Webster has a uniqueness to him that easily meshes with the versatility of not only “Dissolve Into The Black” but also the rest of the tracks found on Real River.

Real River is out now and you can grab your own copy here. For more on The Birdman Rallies, head on over here.

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