The Birthday Massacre Create A Timeless Classic With Latest Album Under Your Spell

The Birthday Massacre has always (and refreshingly) been a complicated band to pin down. At times sinister and dark teetering on the industrial metal line while others symphonic, uplifting and bordering on Pop. Here, with Under Your Spell, The Birthday Massacre continue to mystify and that suits us and the fans just fine.

Album number seven by the Canadian-electro maestros begins with the glistening tones of the triumphant “One” which sets an air of awesome immediately. “Without You” is akin to all those forlorn synth tracks of the ’80’s with a modern flair (Think Duran Duran meets Deadsy) while the title track sashays in all sultry like, filled with brilliant guitar lines (For more of those brilliant guitars, courtesy of M. Falcore and Rainbow, check out “Unkind”) and a heavy electronic backdrop.

“All Of Nothing” weaves a web of sonic intricacy as Chibi guides listeners along with her uncanny delivery. “Counterpane” is a driving anthem broken up by chugging riffs while “No Tomorrow” brings back some of those creepy Chibi vocal lines (Hide and Seek immediately comes to mind). Concluding with the dancefloor ready thump of “Endless”, The Birthday Massacre close out yet another entry into their already impressive catalog.

Under Your Spell is out through Metropolis Records on June 9th. You can pre-order yours through Bandcamp, Itunes, or Metropolis right now! And be sure to catch TBM on their current headlining tour which comes to a close right here in MA at Brighton Music Hall on 6/21. For dates and more, head here.

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