The English Beat Return Refreshed And Renewed With Here We Go Love

On my Itunes, just before the latest album from The English Beat, is “March Of The Swivel Heads” from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (Played during “The race home” in the flick in case you didn’t already know). Oddly enough, that classic track serves as the perfect reminder of how truly wonderful and timeless Dave Wakeling and cohorts are. And like the wonderful and timeless entity that they are, The English Beat bridge that 30+ gap from that particular song/movie with a new album that’s every bit as relevant and wholly a fun listen. 

But I digress.

How cool is it that we live in a time where The English Beat is still producing quality music? Let that sink in for a moment: You’re reading a review about The English Beat putting out new music in 2018. What a time to be alive! On Here We Go Love, TEB do what they do best which is have fun…but with a message. Take first single/album opener “How Can You Stand There” which rekindles that old magic and amplifies all their 2-tone/Ska elements yet is lyrically about the general indifference about human rights from people in the age of 45 (The guy who sits in the Oval Office, not the age).

Elsewhere, “Redemption Time” has a dub/reggae feel as the band settles into a steady groove on this horn-laden track with this rad trumpet/trombone call and response at its’ conclusion and then anti-conflict is at the forefront of Wakeling’s mind throughout the lyrics for “If Killing Worked” which is soaked in almost ethereal elements thanks to Deborah Troiano’s backing vocals and Kevin Lum and Minh Quan’s keys.

“You Really Oughtta Know” is a laid back jam that’s got some lounge swagger mixed with some Big Band sounds while “You’re Stuck” is one of the most straightforward Pop rockers The English Beat has ever recorded with Wakeling adding some heft through his guitar on a track that is time displaced yet sounds so very current.

Later still, “Dem Call It Ska” is an aptly titled embodiment of Ska while “Drive Her Away” is another contemporary classic driven by Mark London Sims’ humming bass. Closing out the comeback, “Be There For You” is an epic groove-laden track that represents where The English Beat is at in the 21st Century adding some strings to the mix before ending with Matt Morrish’s brilliant sax stylings.

Here We Go Love will be out through Here We Go Records on June 15th. All your pre-order needs can be met by simply clicking here. For the latest on The English Beat, including live dates (They’ll be stopping at The Sinclair in Boston on June 23rd), head on over here.

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