The Nectars Harness All Of The Fun On Raucous Sci-Fi Television

From the minute “I Want It” starts on Sci-Fi Television, listeners should already be aware that they’re in for a unique musical journey. Then Jessica Kenny opens up with lines like “You’re tellin’ me to wait/But I don’t wanna wait/You’re tellin’ me to wait?/You can fuckin’ wait/I want it now” which isn’t really a lyric but more of a mission statement meaning if you aren’t ready for the rawk then press “stop” now.

Still with us? Good, because what comes after that short intro is even more fun and raucous and deep.

“Heaven” is where it really starts with Kenny’s Gwen Stefani-like breathy delivery but unlike No Doubt, though, The Nectars is no one trick pony as they continually add so many elements to broaden their sonic palette like when the keys come in for the first time or when Michael Baron’s guitars rip away.

“Cemetary Girl” is like “Floyd The Barber” in its’ grunge-ness but then turns into an unexpected anthem with Kenny singing “She’s a Cemetary Girl/And she looks so alive/She’s a Cemetary Girl/And she knows what she likes”, further deepening that musical palette.

“We Will Run” is built off some sick riffs and an even sicker backbeat from Mike Montalbano with a huge sing-a-long chorus….and it’s pretty much my favorite thing on here. And that says a lot because there are a lot of killer tracks on Sci-Fi Television.

Next, Jon Paul really gets a chance to shine on “Holy Punk” which is out of this world fantastic and exactly what you’d expect from a song with a name like that as it hits that punk point over and over within its’ visceral 1:17 minutes.

Have we said how awesome Jessica Kenny is yet? We did? Well, we’d like to state that fact again. Case in point is “Don’t Panic” which adds a little country twang to the mix as Kenny broadens her vocal range some more while crooning about a fire.

“Lights Off” comes in with a funky Paul bass line and Kenny’s sexy whisper building into another full blown groove banger reminiscent of Duran Duran or Blondie even. “Tame” shimmers and sways dreamily at times before the rollicking chorus driven by Montalbano’s furious drumming. “Tired” has echoes of “I Want It” but is more of an urging to keep the party going with Baron’s scorching solos and Kenny breathily shouting “And everyone’s tired/But I’m feeling wired…”

And you’ll feel the exact same way after experiencing Sci-Fi Television for the first time.

Sci-Fi Television will be unleashed on June 1st. You can pre-order your very own copy by clicking here and then here to find out everything there is to know about The Nectars, including where you can catch them live!

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