The Ruins of Beverast Bring Unbridled Black Metal Ecstasy On Exuvia

So. Freaking. Intense.

Seriously, people. The first track alone is over fifteen minutes long! This is black metal done right! Blast beats, shredding guitars, monstrous vocals, ominous and broad soundscapes and epic beyond epic tunes. This is The Rules Of Beverast and their latest opus, Exuvia, is a doom and gloom monolith.

I’m a casual black metal fan but I know what I like so when the ethereal drones of “Exuvia” saunter in and casually build to a colossal wall of metal replete with mystical vocals floating above the growls then I’m instantly hooked. And you will be, too as Exuvia gets even more dense following. There’s echoes of Pete Steele during  the epic “Surtur Barbaar Maritime” while hints of Satyricon spring up elsewhere during the track.

“The Pythia’s Pale Wolves” follows a more “traditional” song structure if that structure was filled with bagpipes and glorious, almost hymnal, passages of viciousness while “Maere (On A Stillbirth’s Tomb)” is the most grand of black metal tunes channeling Rotting Christ at times. “Towards Malakia” grows into an immense bombast of drums and guitars until the tribal wonders of “Takitum Tootem! (Trance)” leads listeners further down the black metal abyss with this monumental closing track.

The brainchild of drummer Alexander Meilenwald (Nagelfar, Truppensturm, Verdunkeln), Exuvia is six epic tracks of pure black metal bliss and demands to be heard over and over again. Exuvia physical editions are out on June 23rd (Pre-orders up right here) but digitally copies are already available and can be purchased here or by clicking below.


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