The World Over Hit The Road This December In Support Of New EP Mountains


The World Over is indescribably great. On Mountains, their latest release, they have crafted something that takes the brutality of Rampart District and injected it with infectious melodies which, in turn, evolves their sound tenfold.

Take the opener as a prime example of that evolution as the sweet subtleties of “Traitor” creep into your ears and Tiaday Ball’s croon lulls listeners into a false sense of security before the curtain is dropped and a blistering chorus replete with Ball’s signature wail enters the fray.

What follows is four more tracks of unbridled and unrelenting musical passion. Whether it’s the wall of sound created on “Liberosis”, the synth-fueled “Let Go” (which displays the soaring heights and demonic lows of Ball’s vocal range), or the driving “Invisible” that treads the line between thrasher and power ballad so eloquently, Mountains has something for every heavy music fan.

Concluding with the monolithic title track which peaks with a guttural scream that devolves into one of the most gorgeous breakdowns and usage of gang vocals, The World Over peace out leaving listeners wanting.

Mountains is available now. You can get your very own copy here. For more on The World Over, including where to catch them live on their current tour, head here.


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