Tombs Concoct Black Metal Masterpiece On All Empires Fall EP


Holy hell this is the best slab of black metal that will be released this year. The end. Go home.

Tombs is back with a mini-album/EP/What have you and it is the finest 5 tracks of black metal 2016 has offered thus far. From the jaw-dropping pummeling of instrumental “The World is Made of Fire”, Tombs set the catastrophic and apocalyptic tone of All Empires Fall with a burgeoning intensity (The Ben Brand/Charlie Schmid bass/drum entrance alone on this one is worth the price of admission).

Once the Mike Hill’s ear piercing vocals enter then batten down the hatches and prepare for a bludgeoning because “Obsidian” is some straight up black metal insanity fueled by vitriol and a cacophony of Schmid’s drums.

“Last Days of Sunlight” puts on the brakes but ramps up the potency with some Isis-style glossy riffing soaked in mysticism as Hill eases up on the screaming to give a truly haunting delivery. “Deceiver” follows the slower grooved path but soon explodes into a hard rock headbangers delight.

Concluding with “V”, All Empires Fall definitely encapsulates the sonic range of Tombs and then some especially with this song. Equal parts beauty and brutality, “V” is an epic aural journey with Hill adopting an almost Ian Curtis-like baritone amidst evocative screams and pointed attacks on the eardrums.

All Empires Fall is out through Relapse Records on April 1st. Buy yours here and here.

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