Turbowolf Impress On Sophomore Opus, Two Hands


Two Hands, the latest from Turbowolf, is a fun fuckin’ record. Plain and simple. The second album from Turbowolf is sonically like The Sword meets CKY at times and doesn’t let the groove slip for a minute. Propelled by these masterfully structured fuzzed out riffs, beats to die for, and Chris Georgiadis’ unique yowl, Turbowolf epitomize all that could be great in rawk and/or roll. Two Hands will show you why.

Honestly, there hasn’t really been a balls out rawk record as perfect as Two Hands is from start to finish in the last few years. If you have doubts that I’m pulling your leg then just let opener “Invisible Hand” do the talking. Beginning with some laid back riffing in the QOTSA/Kyuss vein by Andy Ghosh, “Invisible Hands” soon explodes in chords and drums with Georgiadis’ voice leading the way. Add some nice old school AC/DC-style chants in there and you have the perfect opening for what you’ll find is a perfect rawk album.

“Rabbits Foot” keeps the awesome rolling along nicely with Ghosh laying down some nice crunch backed by Blake Davies metronome-perfect drum bashing. “Solid Gold” stands out immediately as it sounds like one of the dance club tracks from the Tron: Legacy score by Daft Punk (“End Of The Line”) which was done by synthesizers. This one’s done by guitars. Do the math on how amazing that is.

Later still, Turbowolf continues to impress with “Good Hand” which has Georgiadis switching between a stadium ready scream and a lower register while time changes abound and bassist Lianna Lee Davies lays down a solid thumping. Elsewhere, “American Mirrors” is a sleazy rocker with some hints of T. Rex but with way more technical bravado while “Pale Horse”, which closes the album, is an anthem and a half mixing huge riffs and synthesizers with Georgiadis’ smoothe delivery.

Two Hands is out through Spinefarm Records on May 26th. Head on over to Turbowolf’s official site here to see where you can get your copy.

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