Tyrannosorceress Deliver Monstrous Debut With Shattering Light’s Creation

Yowza! 2017 has got some Black Metal for ya, don’t it???

It certainly helps that Tyrannosorceress has one of the most unique (and kick ass) names on the planet! Just as their name is a juxtaposition of the Jurassic-era juggernaut and a magical goddess, so too is the body of music they present on Shattering Light’s Creation.

“Haunting Black Infinity” swirls with buzzsaw guitars from Daniel Hearne and William Baxter as Zach Jobin absolutely slays, switching between brutal blast beats and staccato attacks. Vocalist Zac Christian, sounding like the almighty Tyrannosaurus, enters with a gnarly growl that reverberates through your skull and gets even more savage throughout their solid debut.

“In the Light of the Sabbat Moon” starts like many a great epic thrash classics of the early ’80’s with bassist John Schiller providing some welcome grooves until inevitably devolving into evil incarnate as Christian opens his monstrous maw and static time signatures go out the window. “The Call To Chaos” is just seven minutes of unrestrained Black Metal, lurching into this riff-fueled guitar wank that’s just awesome and a little reminiscent of Type O Negative’s Slow, Deep… days and their exercises in sonic excess. The title track is a straight up shredfest and, coincidentally enough, the shortest song on this monolith leading into the equally headbanging “The Angles Nine” which continues lessons in the art of the shred as it speeds towards a haunting conclusion.

“Senescent and Supreme” is grandiose with its’ journey through blast beats bookended by these lumbering passages that makes this song, just like the others found within, another fitting entry on a truly stunning debut.

Shattering Light’s Creation is out on June 23rd through Tofu Carnage Records. You read that right: They’re on a label with a name as (almost) kick ass as theirs. Get your copy here or here.

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