Unearth The Kings Plan To End 2014 Loudly With And Yet It Moves!


Need a little slab of metal to end 2014 with a bang and kickstart the new year right? Well, Unearth The Kings plan to deliver on both counts with their debut EP, And Yet It Moves. Featuring members of Pitchshifter, Cars On Fire, and the mighty earthtone 9, And Yet It Moves is an instantly likable, easily listenable 3-track beast that mixes the legendary riffs of Crowbar (and earthtone 9) with a vocal intensity in the style of Keith Buckley.

“Saturday Night Hero” picks up where e9’s IV (Buy yours here if you don’t have it already!) left off to start and then ventures into some heavy rawk terrain a la modern Every Time I Die. But that’s where the comparisons end. Vocalist Ali Ross easily separates himself from Buckley with these massive clean choruses that break snarky gems like “Check out my beard and my brand new shirt and fucking listen to the stories of the times I was hurt!” or “Oh my God/I’m a complete cunt/I’ve got my balls in the back/And my ass in the front!” perfectly.

“Kingmaker” perfects their sound while “Rocks, Boulders, Mountains” sounds just like the title suggests as Jason Bowld bludgeons his kit and guitarist Owen Packard provides a wall of riffage that would make Kirk Windstein instantly jealous.

And Yet It Moves is out now. Click on the Bandcamp link below to hear the tunes and donate a buck or two to make sure Unearth The Kings keep the tunes coming for a long time.

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