Untitled Metal Column: Volume 14 (Child Bite, Burnt Offerings: Covers And Rarities 2010 – 2017)

Easily one of our most favorite new bands of the past 5-10 years, Detroit’s Child Bite tap into this primal feeling of wonder each time they play by producing music that’s genre-defying and takes listeners on a different sonic journey with each new track.

Case in point is the soon-to-be-released 2-disc rarities and covers compilation, Burnt Offerings: Covers And Rarities 2010 – 2017, comprised of vinyl-only tracks, songs left on the cutting room floor before Negative Noise was released, and a slew of fitting covers. With two members recently leaving, Child Bite saw this as the closing of one chapter in anticipation of starting the next one fresh.

“The Will To Destroy” opens with a swirl of guitars before becoming a tornado of sound as Shawn Knight’s maniacal ringleader meets preacher vocals chime in (Think Neil Fallon meets Jello Biafra), solidifying the Child Bite sound as truly unique. “Stag Thrall” rumbles in next  like a Rated R classic until Knight’s uncanny scream jostles you to attention as shimmering guitar lines wail and Sean Clancy’s bass hum throughout.

“Gang Omega” is frenetic bliss intertwined with Deliverance-style hillbillyness (Not a word) with Knight’s rage screech at the forefront for the duration. Other highlights on the originals side include “Prowl” with these childlike synth lines subtly hidden in the background and the heavy hitting shred of “Carrion Taberncale”. But honestly, all of the album is exquisite and should serve as the perfect primer for all you CB noobs out there and a must-have for the already initiated.

Then it’s onto Disc Two and the covers portion of your entertainment.

We played the Dead Kennedys cover of “Police Truck” on our most recent visit to WEMF (DeathKiss Dinner and a Movie, check it out here) to which our producer exclaimed :”Wow, he’s really going for it!” Yes, friend. Yes, he is. “My War” by Black Flag is sublime while The Misfits’ “Earth A.D./We Bite” is ethereal, spooky, yet manic at the same time. One thing’s for sure, Glenn Danzig never sounded like this! And if that wasn’t enough Danzig for ya, Child Bite also include their version of “Unbridled” which was featured on the recently released We All Want Our Time In Hell Samhain tribute album (Out now through Corpse Flower Records).

Then after some sick jams on Bad Brains, Minor Threat, and upcoming tourmates Unsane tunes the boss joins for a bunch of A.C. covers. That’s right, kiddies! The one and only Phil Anselmo has entered the building to pay tribute to his friend Seth Putnam on five tracks before also helping out on closer “The Usurper”, originally by the almighty Celtic Frost

Burnt Offerings: Covers And Rarities 2010 – 2017 is out through Housecore Records on May 11th. You can pre-order yours by clicking here or here right now! And for the latest Child Bite happenings, including where you can see them on their many upcoming tours, head/click on over here.

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