Video View: Life On Planet 9, “Rainy Days”


And for our 101st post, we go to a singer that inspired the next half of our musical journey. I’m talking about that other legend, Pete Murray, of course! Haunting, yet exhilarating, the first track off the upcoming sophomore release from Life On Planet 9 is everything fans have come to expect from Murray and more.

While Murray exercises his soprano vocal muscles, guitarist Neil Godfrey goes for the subtle approach which makes for a rousing arrangement and a welcome return from one of the most underrated duos in modern rock.

As for the video: Do you really need anything more than the  two fine gentlemen of  Life On Planet 9 rocking out while looking dapper? No, I suspect you do not.

The Theory Of Everything is out on August 26th. Stay tuned to Life On Planet 9’s Twitter and Facebook pages for information on where you can get your copy.


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