Video View: MadMan’s Choice, “Derailed”

I totally forgot that at one point there was a category for video features over here so again, 2018 for the win in resurrecting old headers over on RNRF.

But I digress.

As a refresher, when we originally reviewed Vanity by MadMan’s Choice, we said this about lead single “Derailed”:

‘“Derailed” is a statement of intent. Make no mistake about that fact. From the second the sounds hit your eardrums, the song just screams “Rawk!!” with Patrik Petersson’s intent drumming meshing with Peter Gustafsson’s bass work immediately bringing to mind the grunge era. Then Morgan de Boer comes in with a thunderous voice that’s infused with as much the ’80’s screechers as it is the moody, complex singers of the ’90’s.’

Add a visual accompaniment in the form of the recently released kickass video directed by Johan Palmborg and you’ll have everything you need to get a real feel for these Swedish rawkers.

For our complete review of Vanity, head on over here. Then head here to purchase the album and here for all the latest on Madman’s Choice!

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