Wailin’ Storms Channel Danzig On Latest Release


Holy Glenn Danzig, Batman! Wailin’ Storms is creating some sick Misfits meets Viva Death contemporary rockabilly meets punk for y’all!

On Shiver, Wailin’ Storms sound like a band possessed which would account for some of the songs sounding downright evil here (Just listen to the opening salvo of “Down In South Texas” for proof).

“Which Way To The Grave” has this incredible bombast fueled by vocalist/guitarist Justin Storms screams throughout conjuring thoughts of some subtle Rollins-style throaty howls. “Shiver Shiver Shiver” meanwhile has a nice, albeit sinister, groove and “Viking Funeral” just shimmies and sways as Storms adds some twang to his vocal delivery.

“Superstitious” slows the momentum but closes the album nicely with some “oh, oh, oh”-ing and some downright devious fretwork.

In conclusion, Shiver may be comprised of just fives songs but those songs will completely own you for the rest of 2015 and beyond.

Shiver is out now via Magic Bullet Records. Click below for your copy or get it here.

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