We Came As Strangers Reignite Trip-Hop On Eyedom


Eyedom is probably the most essential, vital trip-hop album of the 21st Century. It’s everything you loved about the mid-’90’s classics from Massive Attack and Portishead mixed with Sneaker Pimps and Sunna to create this fascinating amalgamation yet sound completely original.

The moment “Eyedom” slithers its way into your ears, teasing vocalist Ellem’s gorgeous range against glistening synths, sporadic keys, and subtle guitar pluckings you’ll be immediately enraptured. But the instant you’re truly captivated, it disappears, allowing “Stupid Things” to really capture your attention and hold it until the final pangs of “Carousel” ring out at the close of the album.

“Adrenaline”, like the song title suggests, just moves. Fast. It’s a powerful bombast of noise that builds and shifts to an elaborately serene string and vocal breakdown and then just explodes. Elsewhere, “Recess” is this futuristic Wang Chung circa To Live And Die In L.A. meets Blade Runner hybrid.

Delving deeper, “High Coming Down” exudes a sexy mysticism, “Madeline” is an industrial blues concoction while “Nine” is reminiscent of something Lou Barlow would’ve crafted for Kids with its downtrodden yet beautiful melodies. And if that wasn’t enough then “Still Life”, an organic “Protection” for the 21st Century, and “Carousel” and its incredible Stevie Ray Vaughan-like blues riffs have enough “oomph” to completely own you.

Eyedom is out on August 31st. Pre-order your copy here.



  1. blair says

    i like it ! it has a baroque sound to it , this would be a nice song to listen to at home after smoking a joint ?

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