Whitesnake Make Delayed Flesh & Blood Worth The Wait

The only thing cooler than living in a world where Whitesnake is still alive and kickin’ is that they’re relevantly alive and kickin’! With the long awaited Flesh & Blood record, Whitesnake’s 13th full-length, the band sound reinvigorated with a collection of songs that sounds just as vital as anything in their illustrious discography.

Honestly, it’s like the band hasn’t skipped a beat since the ’80’s happened with a catchy ass album that’s sleek, expertly produced and sounds as exciting and fresh as ever while retaining the fun of that decadent era when they initially made their mark.

But I digress.

“Good To See You Again” is that right blend of anthemic rawk and that classic ’80’s decadent sleaze just oozing out as vocalist David Coverdale snarls and guitarists Reb Beach and Joel Hoekstra lay down some triumphant riffs. Coverdale is still the epitome of what a frontperson should be and there’s no better proof than when he stretches his vocal chops on “Gonna Be Alright”, a layered mid-tempo ditty driven forward by drummer Tommy Aldridge’s staccato pummeling and Michele Luppi’s atmospheric keys which sometimes brings to mind classic Stone Temple Pilots.

Speaking of that “decadent sleaze”, no other song on here brings up the classic Viper Room vibes of the ’80’s quite like “Shut Up & Kiss Me” which is such a great throwback anthem and something that Motley Crue wish they could pull together today. “Hey You (You Make Me Rock)” is classic ‘Snake with that signature Coverdale croon belting out over some tasty shreds while “Trouble Is Your Middle Name” is sure to be their next big live show crowd pleaser.

The title track is a legendary hard rawker in the AC/DC vein which sounds truly timeless leading into similarly hard rawkin’ “Well I Never” with bluesy/gospel tinges. Later on “Heart Of Stone” is the first to actually slow down and at this point, we’re ten tracks in! Showing off Coverdale’s uncanny range, the track is filled with swooping choruses and anthemic guitar solos comparable to “Is This Love” in the pantheon of memorable Whitesnake power ballads.

Fittingly, thirteenth track “Sands Of Time” closes out the thirteenth studio album in the most grand way as this six minute epic closer is propelled by the labyrinth of riffage that Beach and Hoekstra have concocted alongside Luppi’s synthetic overtones with Michael Devin laying down some solid chugs on the low end and Coverdale’s voice soaring above it all.

Flesh & Blood is out on May 10th through Frontiers Music s.r.l. You can get yours now in any version you want by clicking here. And for the latest on Whitesnake, including live dates like their headlining show at Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom tomorrow night, head on over here.

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