Will Haven Unleash “The Comet”, Prepare To Drop New EP This May


Any year that produces new music from Sacramento’s Will Haven is a good year in my book so the announcement that the band have signed a new deal with Artery Recordings and that a new EP is imminent means 2015  is going to be a really good year.

The EP in question is Open The Mind To Discomfort, due on May 19th, and the first track unleashed is a beast called “The Comet” that seemingly shares more in common sonically with 2001’s Carpe Diem than the dirge of 2011’s Voir Dire. Whatever the rest of the EP ends up sounding like, at the end of the day it’ll still be Will Haven and even on their worst day they still sound infinitely better than anything out in modern metal today (It won’t be bad, though, because Will Haven!).

Open The Mind To Discomfort will be released on May 19th through Artery Recordings. Pre-orders just launched here. I bought the hoodie bundle because I have a hoodie problem and it was nicely priced but the tees are pretty sweet, too. In conclusion, buy it! For more on Will Haven, check out their official Facebook page here.


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