“You never forget your first time…” (It’s our 1st anniversary! 11/6/14)


A year already? Almost 6,000 page views (Where you at Facebook and Twitter?!?!?) and 150 posts mostly done by my lonesome from a site born out of creative frustration based off the opening line from Streets Of Fire. I’d say that’s an accomplishment, wouldn’t you? In that time we’ve started some semi-regular columns (“Jokes!”, “Untitled Metal Column”, “What’s In A Name?”), reviewed quite a bunch of records and talked to some fantastic artists.

Can we also talk about said interviews we’ve done so far in 2014? John Garcia, Rhys Fulber, Mike Dean, Emma Ruth Rundle, and Chris Connelly…..with still more to come. Before the year is out we’ll have ones with Sascha from KMFDM, Sepultura’s Derrick Green, and Iggor Cavalera along with the usual slew of reviews, ponderings, and maybe a liveblog or “best of” or two.

Are we sporadic at times in our new postings? Sure, but considering this is the work of one guy (In the posting sense at least) who also has a 6 and a half running around and a house to maintain then I’d say at least one new post each week is an accomplishment unto itself!

For those of you who’ve checked us out, thank you so much! Sincerely! For those who haven’t I have this to say: What are you waiting for?!?!?!

Good things still to come. And to find out the latest all you need to do is “like” us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, or subscribe directly here.


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