Youth Code Deliver Beyond Epic Sophomore Album With Commitment to Complications


In jumping back into the writing saddle this week and seeing Youth Code for the first time live since Eye Vs Spy recently, I realized I neglected to review their latest masterpiece (Which also happened to be on our “Top 16 for ’16” list). Here’s the reason: some records come out and I enjoy them so much that honestly, I forget to review them because whatever I type won’t do the product justice.

So here goes nothin’?

Commitment to Complications, Youth Code’s sophomore opus is the Terminator 2: Judgement Day of follow-up albums. Sure, we all love the R-rated first flick and “Fuck you, asshole!” and bad Arnold and all that but as a whole, T2 rules all. You know it as do I (Even though I’m loathe to admit it most of the time). With Rhys Fulber (Conjure One, Delerium) behind the boards, Commitment to Complications drives Youth Code’s sound to new, groundbreaking and, quite frankly, epic levels.

“(Armed)” is almost like another outfit entirely and the Fulber production is immediately at the forefront. But don’t let this instrumental put up any false FLAgs as it merely serves as the calm before the storm. At its onset, the discordant structure and tempo onslaught of “Transitions” is reminiscent of “March of the Pigs” but waaaay more visceral and immediate (Without the presence of guitars even!). “Commitment to Complications” continues the urgency with frenetic beats as vocalist Sara Taylor trades ferocious verses with Ben Falgoust of Goatwhore.

Taylor’s bark takes a backseat during the synthetic melody and harmonizing with Ryan George’s mechanical back up on “The Dust of Fallen Rome” but then “Anagnorisis” hits like an atom bomb hearkening to the golden age of industrial. I’d say Youth Code’s sound is reminiscent of “Old school” industrial (Think Skinny Puppy or anything Raymond Watts touched in the ’90’s) but it’s so unique that there needs to be a whole new classification. Therefore I present “prehistoric school”.

But I digress.

Kiddies, we’re barely into this album and it’s already blowing our collective minds! “Doghead” is probably the most “accessible” track in the Youth Code catalog to date as much as “Worlock” and “Testure” are to the aforementioned SP. “Lacerate Wildly” is creepy as shit with Taylor’s rasp delving into the horror movie soundtrack depths and George only makes it creepier with his expert programming. “Avengement” picks things up again and even moreso when Todd Jones from Nails adds his shredding to the mix during “Shift of Dismay” before “Lost at Sea” brings album number two to a somber close.

Commitment to Complications  is out now through Dais Records as Youth Code continues to tear up live venues as main support for Tribulation. For tour dates and more head here and to get your own copy of CtC, head here and here.


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