Zero Theorem Debut Killer Ataraxis EP

Akin to your favorite comfort food, Zero Theorem will fill you up on the hard rawkin’ but leave you yearning for more on their debut EP Ataraxis.

Zero Theorem produce this sound that’s so familiar to something you already know but can’t quite place where you’ve heard it before. Like this perfect hybrid of Flaw and Disturbed that weeds out all the superfluous junk, Zero Theorem’s excellent Ataraxis hits you hard and heavy with an alternative metal style that immediately stands out and is destined to be huge (Says the guy reviewing the record two months after its’ initial release. Oops?).

If first single “Area” didn’t do it for you then opener “Euthanize” will definitely draw you in, especially when Caesar opens up his maw and these broadly intense vocal lines come screaming out. Fueled by Max Georgiev and Joseph Scarlotti’s dual guitar which creates a veritable wall of sound to complement Caesar’s soulful delivery, the track is the definitive Zero Theorem primer.

“Becoming” is a throbbing feat of tribal excellence propelled by Jake Hayden’s percussive blasts while “Rorschach” settles into a nice groove before opening up with a massive chorus that really shows off Caesar’s range. Culminating in the ferocious title track, Zero Theorem prove they have a lot to offer going forward as Eloy Palacois brings a menacing rumble with his bass on this Tool-like prog track.

Ataraxis is out now! Which means you can get it…that’s right, now! Click here or here to procure your very own digital copy. For more on Zero Theorem, including where you can catch them playing in the wild, click here.

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