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Deprogrammer Cult Enter The Chat With Hottest Heavy Album Of Your Summer On Tactics For Manipulation

There’s a reason certain albums/artists make it onto our new year preview list without hearing a note and just the whiff or mention that something is coming down the line. In most cases, that’s due to either the collective talent involved having some past releases (Together or with other bands) [...]

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Singles! The Shallows, “Dust And Sun”

Holy hell is it possible to get more ethereal? Glisten even more?? Become more lush??? Lusher even???? If you’re The Shallows then that answer will irrevocably always be “YES!” Especially when talking about upcoming new single “Dust And Sun” which dials everything up for a faster paced foray into their [...]

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Boozewa Celebrate The History Of Noise Rawk With Brilliant Bon Vivant

Listening through Bon Vivant from PA’s Boozewa is like listening to the combined might of every great fuzzy riff of the ’90’s/early ’00’s from Gruntruck, Melvins, and Soundgarden to noisier compatriots in Unsane and Fudge Tunnel but all delivered under a Kylesa-style production.

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Subpunch Deliver A Doozy On Non-Drowsy dozy

We’ve mentioned how vibrant the Lowell Music Scene is, yeah? Because it is! For every Lovina Falls or slo-anne emerging from Bean Town there’s a Tysk Tysk Task or your 2024 Rock & Roll Rumble champs The Ghouls (As an aside, can we start a by town-by-town battle for the [...]

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Singles! Girl With A Hawk, “Way with Words”

There’s a few artists that, despite missing a release day release post or preview ahead of that, we’ll make it a point to cover no matter what. Girl With A Hawk is quickly becoming one such artist and with songs like their latest, “Way with Words”, it’s unthinkable to imagine [...]

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Singles! Bill Leeb, “Terror Forms (Feat. ACTORS)”

When one has as unique a voice as the one Industrial/Electro legend Bill Leeb has, you’d think it’d be difficult to discern one project from another. But that’s not the case with Leeb who somehow manages to be a musical metamorph on the regular during his day job in Front [...]

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