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Year End

23 in ’23 & Then Some (Or “Why Do We Keep Making The List Length Correspond With The Year We’re Covering)

Eventually this list is really going to be insane. But for now it’s manageable. Mostly. And we know we have control over it but something just clicks when the number of titles in the list is the same as the year, ya know? But anyway! We start a draft of [...]

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23 For ’23… But Locally! Or “23 MA-Based Bands (And Then Some) You Should Already Be Listening To”

We initially decided to do this in order to alleviate some of the stress of that other ’23 list we have going on but then we cut out the local stuff and decided to go through our archives for the year and what stood out of what we reviewed/featured that [...]

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22 from ’22: The albums that Rawked Rock And Roll Fables in 2022

Maybe in 2030 we’ll stop doing these lists featuring a number corresponding to the given year and make it a little easier for us but for now we’re still finding it hard to whittle down the artists and albums that kicked ass for us so if it ain’t broke then [...]

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21 For ’21 Because Why Not?!? (RNRF Best Of 2021)

I always do like 50 different drafts for just the opening alone then end up with one stripped down thing like this at the end of it all because I just wanna get this ish out there to the masses. 2021 has been up’s and down’s in the world but [...]

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20 for ’20: An Exhausting List Of Our Favorite Music That Got Us Through A Truly Exhausting Year

It’s an understatement that 2020 was a pretty fucked up year, right? Machine Head was the last live band I saw back in February and a few days after that I found myself in an emergency room with some unexpected surgery to be had (Don’t worry, I’m fine now!) followed [...]

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19 in ’19: A Truly Exhausting Look At The 19 Albums You should’ve Paid Attention to in 2019.

I was going to start this thing off with an additional list of “honorable mentions” so I could add EVERYTHING I wanted to include on this year end list but figured, if you regularly read this blog then you know that whatever gets featured here already has major heart eyes [...]

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