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Salem Wolves Shares The Story Of The Stranger On Epic Concept Album The Psychotron Speaks

The best concept albums are the ones that can be picked apart and separated yet still enjoyed outside of the main event. Some bands manage to pull that off, others don’t (We once saw Mastodon 3 times in the same year performing Crack The Skye all the way through and, while amazing, we don’t know […]

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Singles! Parlour Bells, “Knight Owl”

We said that Goddamn Glenn is a “goddamn revelation” in our review of Looking Glass War’s latest single (“See You In Hell, Liberty Bell”, which you can read all about here) and honestly? The upcoming single from another outfit Goddamn Glenn fronts, Parlour Bells, is not looking to dissuade us [...]

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RNRF X Capulet Fest: Local Look, Major Moment

Yaye fellow Massholes! Or not Massholes if they don’t prefer that term (We do, for the record). Anyway, unless we missed something in our research, we think that Major Moment is the only Boston-based/MA band on the Capulet Fest 2024 bill so if you’re making the trek to Thompson Speedway [...]

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Singles! Lovina Falls, “Tragedy”

We suspect that many a music fan (Us included) slept on the subtle emergence of singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Valerie Forgione’s post-Mistle Thrush outfit Lovina Falls and their stunning debut Calculating the Angle of our Descent which arrived in the spring of ’23. Since then, though, the band seem to be quietly building [...]

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RNRF X Capulet Fest: Local Look, Life In Your Way

Manchester, CT’s Life In Your Way is practically a staple in the New England heavy scene with a robust body of work already on call to ignite the crowds when they take the Capulet Stage as part of Day 1 of the 2024 Capulet Fest happening at Thompson Speedway Motorsports [...]

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RNRF X Capulet Fest: Local Look, Magnets For Maniacs

First off, what a rad moniker that CT’s own Magnets For Maniacs has! Second, and more important, what a killer sound! You’re not likely to find a band embodying as much Groove Metal as this New Haven-based outfit do when perusing Day 2 options of the 2024 edition of Capulet [...]

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slo-anne Ready A Timeless Batch Of New Alternative Favorites On Savory Sophomore Outing whiplash

Any artist that can successfully manage to get the term “boot scootin’” into their bio and have it make sense is already a favorite in our book. And in slo-anne’s case it also helps that the kind of music produced by this Boston by way of Connecticut duo is the [...]

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