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Salem Wolves Shares The Story Of The Stranger On Epic Concept Album The Psychotron Speaks

The best concept albums are the ones that can be picked apart and separated yet still enjoyed outside of the main event. Some bands manage to pull that off, others don’t (We once saw Mastodon 3 times in the same year performing Crack The Skye all the way through and, while amazing, we don’t know […]

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Üga Büga Bring Out The Boar In All Of Us On Sludge Rawk Shredder Year Of The Hog

Üga Büga’s got something. We can’t quite put our finger on it but it’s there. And in this case, that “there” can be pinpointed directly to the Charlotesville, VA’s debut full-length called Year Of The Hog which is just about ready for all to hear (In fact, we’d gather by [...]

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Worshipper Bring The Bean Town Bravado To Newest Psych-Filled Rawk Fest One Way Trip

You know when Clutch went full on jam band? We’re not talking Phish or Grateful Dead but more just embracing the Rawk, experimenting and doing whatever it takes sonically to make it happen which, in their case, meant completely shedding that metallic crunch of their first two records (The self-titled [...]

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Singles! Ceremony Shadows, “Resistance”

Sure, we may exhibit a tough, Metalhead exterior sometimes (Not really) but at our core it’s Industrial and Electro that really drive us and over the past decade or more it’s been offshoot genre Darkwave that really gives us all the heart eyes especially when you consider outings by Corlyx, [...]

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Singles! Happy Little Clouds, “Lungs”

To say Happy Little Clouds is having a banner year is kind of a big understatement this deep into 2024. Following what we think was a standout appearance in Dave Habeeb’s gorgeous Beautiful Was The Fight documentary (Have you managed to see it yet???) and two crushing new singles to [...]

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Alreckque Make Bid For Boston Music Scene “Rookie Of The Year” With 6PM

This is, we shit you not, the third piece lately where the band in question features a very familiar vocalist with a very distinct set of pipes. And like the previous two we’re kind of in awe at how such an uncanny voice can be differentiated seemingly so easily from [...]

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Deprogrammer Cult Enter The Chat With Hottest Heavy Album Of Your Summer On Tactics For Manipulation

There’s a reason certain albums/artists make it onto our new year preview list without hearing a note and just the whiff or mention that something is coming down the line. In most cases, that’s due to either the collective talent involved having some past releases (Together or with other bands) [...]

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