New Year’s Day Transform Classic Tracks, Unleash New Banger On Diary Of A Creep EP

New Year’s Day continue to break new ground whether it’s on original tunes or transforming someone else’s classic into their own. On Diary Of A Creep, NYD take some beloved anthems from Garbage, Pantera, and more and infuse them with fresh takes and new technology to create a covers record that won’t make you groan. [Read more…]

The XCERTS Redefine ’80’s Rawk Albums On Hold On To Your Heart

The XCERTS love to leave you guessing and during Hold On To Your Heart, their fourth album, the UK natives do just that song after song. Anthem after anthem. Jam after jam. Get where we’re going with this? [Read more…]

Meat Beat Manifesto Show The Kids How It’s Done On Exquisitely Excellent Impossible Star

I can (barely ever) say no to reviewing Industrial/Electronica. Especially when it comes in the form of iconic trendsetters like Meat Beat Manifesto who return to celebrate over thirty years of music-making bliss with a new album that also happens to be their first new full-length in almost seven years (Barring the “tour only” EP released recently). In other words, there’s a lot to celebrate with the release of Impossible Star.

But I digress. [Read more…]

Black Space Riders Unleash Their Unpredictable Brand Of Rawk On The Masses With Amoretum Vol. 1

Black Space Riders is an enigma wrapped inside a puzzle and a band that’s just really hard to pin down. That said, in a day and age where bands just come and go without any discernible distinction, BSR is a breath of fresh air with the truly indescribable slab of rawk goodness that is Amoretum Vol. 1. [Read more…]

Clamfight Ready Epically Awesome III For January 19th Release

Can you get more beastly and monolithic than naming the opening track of your album “Whale Road” and having it swim along like the titular gargantuan for a eleven plus minutes??? New Jersey’s Clamfight had the nerve to do just that and it works like a fucking charm on their upcoming third album.

But who is Clamfight you ask? [Read more…]

Outshine Herald The 2018 Goth Rawk Revolution On 1313

The new Goth Revolution is here!

Taking the Type O Negative torch and running with it, Sweden’s Outshine deliver a memorable and masterful goth rawk opus that thrives in the dark recesses of the mind. With new singer Tony Jelencovich (Former Transport League, Mnemic, M.A.N.) and new drummer Alexander Lundgren implanted firmly within the Outshine ranks, the band return energized and refreshed with an album that echoes that sentiment tenfold. [Read more…]

17 For ’17: An Exhaustive List From Rock And Roll Fables Of What You Should’ve Already Bought This Year

It’s that time of the year again! A time of reflection! A time of typing! A time of regretting the decision to pick the amount of best albums based on what year it is.

Review links are attached to the band name where applicable. Thanks in advance for reading! [Read more…]

Black Label Society Celebrates Ten Full-Lengths With Triumphant Grimmest Hits

I’ll admit it: I’ve never been a Black Label Society fan. That said, I like Zakk Wylde’s work with Ozzy Osbourne, loved his Pride & Glory project which eventually morphed into BLS, and his work as Zakk Sabbath has blown me away every time I get a chance to listen or witness in person. [Read more…]

Corrosion Of Conformity Returns As A Quartet, Delivers Your Ultimate 2018 Rawk ‘N’ Roller With No Cross No Crown


Pepper Keenan, Mike Dean, Woody Weatherman, and Reed Mullin. The “classic” Corrosion Of Conformity line up is back with their first album of new material as a quartet in almost 13 years and it’s as if they never left. It’d be unfair to compare any of No Cross No Crown to anything that’s come before because, not only does the album immediately stand on its’ own within the storied discography of COC but it’s inevitably going to sound like bits from your favorite Deliverance, Wiseblood, etc. tracks because of the shared musical DNA. Also, this foursome is just really, really good at what they do. [Read more…]

Jim Healey And Jess Collins Team Up In Set Fire, Unveil Aura

Multifaceted Boston luminary Jim Healey is back with ANOTHER slab of rawk excellence to close out 2017 in the form of Set Fire which also features fellow local legend Jess Collins of The Static Dynamic/Mellow Bravo/Petty Morals fame. [Read more…]