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Jokes! Rob Crean, Sadly Sackerton

Jokes! is back and for our belated latest column we’re focusing on some local laughs from Rob Crean and his new album, Sadly Sackerton. A staple of the Boston comedy scene for years, Crean could usually be found hosting The Gas over at Great Scott back in the day when [...]

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Rob Potylo Shines As He Shocks On Children’s Songs For Adults!

Late the other night I started in with this stream of consciousness intro to this review where I was going to talk about my personal history with Rob Potylo. From the time a former friend got in trouble at work for playing “I Put A Baby In You” by his [...]

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Jokes! Episode 9: Deon Cole, Cole Blooded Seminar

Angie Tribeca is one of the greatest new(er) shows on television. Like the classics that came before (Sledge Hammer! and Police Squad! instantly come to mind), Angie is the epitome of satire done right and thrives due to the excellent writing and the stellar ensemble cast.

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Jokes! Episode 8: Daniel Tosh People Pleaser

Let it be known that I hold grudges and have held a grudge against Daniel Tosh since that “rape joke” incident happened a few years back. And I’m not talking like a “I’m just gonna be mad at you silently grudge”. I’m talking a “I will stop watching your show [...]

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“You never forget your first time…” (It’s our 1st anniversary! 11/6/14)

A year already? Almost 6,000 page views (Where you at Facebook and Twitter?!?!?) and 150 posts mostly done by my lonesome from a site born out of creative frustration based off the opening line from Streets Of Fire. I’d say that’s an accomplishment, wouldn’t you? In that time we’ve started [...]

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Jokes! Episode 6: Sinbad, Make Me Wanna Holla

Sinbad is back. ‘Nuff said.         If only you could just take my word for it, right? But seriously, Sinbad is back with Make Me Wanna Holla: an all new stand up special recorded in Detroit, MI. If all you know of Sinbad is from television shows [...]

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